Vendor Risk Management

Third parties services often provide critical components of key business processes. When focusing on their core business, organizations rely on hundreds, if not thousands of partners, vendors and outsourced service providers. The reality is that vendors and partners have access to much of the same data as regular employees do. Commercially sensitive and proprietary data is often transmitted, stored and processed among a wide range of partner and vendor networks, outside of the oversight of your organizations internal controls and security policies

we enable

We provide a detailed risk assessment report after completion of the vendor visit. The report highlights the weaknesses in the system that affects the availability, confidentiality and integrity of information assets. We also provide recommendations for mitigating each identified risk. Our reports contain the following:

  • Categorization of weaknesses based on risk level
  • Recommendation for mitigating the risks

We also conduct detailed reviews on:

  • Vendor IT Security Risk Assessment
  • Vendor Performance and Monitoring
  • Vendor Agreement Reviews

some industries we serve

  • Banking
  • Capital Markets

case study

For further information on how ANB conducted an assignment on Vendor Risk Management.

Read our detailed case study


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Pradeep Patil

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