Governance through robotics

key features

Defined risk control matrix for 50+ telecom processes across various business functions
Rule based automated queries on automatable checks defined in the RCM

Customizable automatable checks to meet specific client requirements

Defined work steps for validation of each sub process mentioned in the risk control matrix
Automated data validation checks on extracted system reports

Linked and equipped to automatically extract data from major ERPs

Reduction of human error involved in manual analytics and faulty outputs

analytics approach

Audit lab to facilitate continuous development of exception reports, automated audit tools, audit connectors to assist in conducting audits remotely

  • Dedicated audit lab. 
  • Audit lab to comprise of dedicated software dev resource with prior experience of working on tools in telecom domain
  • Connectors for each audit to be created with pre-defined exception reports basis test steps defined as per Audit Program

what do I do….

I am a Robotic Process Auditor and I do the following…

Extract data required to conduct data analytics from various systems

Perform validation check to ensure adequate data hygiene

Conduct data analytics through execution of automated scripts

Create and name files with exceptions as per naming conventions

Email exception files to process/ control owners

Update RCMs in the audit management software

some processes I am already an expert in…

our tools enable audit automation


A CDR Rating & Billing , Pre Bill Checks Solution


Risk Management & Audit Management System


A Roaming Invoicing Validation Solution


Compliance Adherence Framework

B Table Audits

Automated Validation of B Table Configurations

Continuous Audits

Channel Incentives, Waivers & Adjs, Vendor Payments


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