Legal and Regulatory Compliance

unparalleled expertise in regulatory and statutory compliances

ANB has been a thought leader at conducting regulatory and statutory compliance reviews. We conduct more than 100 regulatory and statutory compliance reviews every year covering the South East Asian, Middle East and African landscape

Unparalleled expertise in conducting regulatory and statutory compliance reviews with 50+ reviews done annually

Strong team of 95+ members having experience in conducting reviews

Strong domain understanding of regulatory landscape covering licensing conditions and other telecom regulations

Subject matter experts available to conduct specialised reviews on anti money laundering regulations, contract labour and secretarial compliances

Exhaustive checklists for assessment

Granular understanding of South East Asian and African telecom regulations and local statutory compliance

Database of leading practices for benchmarking


typical compliance review approach

Regulatory Compliances

  • Telecommunications Law
  • KYC
  • License Compliances
  • Consumer Protection
  • Type Approval
  • Interconnection Laws
Other Compliances

  • Environmental Regulation
  • Cybersecurity Laws
  • Central bank guidelines for Electronic Payment system
  • The Commodities Import and Export Federal Law
  • Intellectual Property Rights
HR Compliances

  • Labour law
  • Standard Employment Contracts
  • Rules for granting Work Permit
  • Term & Termination
  • Mid-day break rule

Secretarial and Company Law Compliances

  • Federal Law on Commercial Cos
  • Electronic Commerce and Transactions
  • Restriction on Foreign investments and Anti-Fronting Regulations

Annual Review for incorporation of amendments and new regulations

Review of Dissemination of  updated checklists to relevant  business units

Inclusion in compliance checklist / self certification

Review of functional ownership assigned for meeting compliance requirement

Risk classification assignment  in compliance checklist / self  certification in consultation with  the regulatory team


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