DAVOS 2018

  • The new world yearns for responsible leadership - The world is looking at their leaders to give inclusive growth and sustainable development.  Owing to the expanding social networks the social contract between states and their citizens continues to erode.   An entrepreneurial mindset which in turn evokes leadershipcan unite divided societies and forge a more positiveand social direction.
  • The losing social contact between states and citizens - Investment in human capital is the need of the hour for many economies. The development schemes of the governments are not far reaching and impactful with the target population i.e., poor, women and the children. The states investment in health, education and social protection will be far more correlated with the economic growth.Investing in people is investing in economic growth.
  • Global effort in co-design, co-creation and collaboration- Building walls is a passé, rather dissolving boundaries with Artificial Intelligence, digitalization and trade is the in thing.  Tomorrow’s future is in digital automation, blockchain, cryptocurrency, hologram, robotics which are the instruments in mass job creationrequiring higher skills and specializations. It is important to gear the new generation towards building these skillsets. Every business needs to embrace AI and invest now than rather be left behind.


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