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The Manufacturing industry is an exciting space with opportunities, challenges and involvement in creation of new commodities or in value addition. Almost every player in this industry confronts today’s business realities–shifting demand, regulatory pressures and intense global competition for customers, materials and talent and above all, an urge to stand out from the crowd. The environment is tough, but it is also rich with possibilities. New technologies enable product and process innovations, while new markets invite a return to growth. The successful manufacturing enterprise of tomorrow likely will have a clear strategic plan, a differentiated customer experience, an innovative set of offerings, an efficient supply chain, streamlined operations, world-class talent, and a robust technology foundation.

In these challenging times, certain sectors have shown resilience taking proactive measures to sustain growth. Impetus is on new product development and R&D initiatives aimed at improving product portfolio so as to increase margins. Manufacturing segmentis also making investments in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in order to boost sales.

Key feature of the manufacturing industry today are: 

Facilities with a sight on future – easy to scale up;
  • Streamlined processes;
  • Efficiency of production;
  • Minimization of wastages;
  • Automation;
  • Economies of scale;
  • Closeness to the market;
  • Extensive use of Job Workers.

In order to achieve this, Pre-production activities like procurement and post production activities like marketing also need to be efficient.

Procurement in itself is being looked upon as a specialized activity involving:
  • Vendor selection;
  • Vendor development;
  • Just-in-time procurement;
  • Multiple sources;
  • Well defined share of business;
  • Global procurement;
  • Stringent quality control at vendor’s facility.


Marketing today is different as a result of:
  • Globalization of the market;
  • Multiple locations;
  • Large number of SKU’s;
  • Need for market penetration beyond Tier 3 cities – Rurban areas;
  • Extensive marketing network of Depots, CFAs, Stockiests, Distributors and Dealers;
  • Large number of sales personnel;
  • High outgo on product promotion, advertising, travelling;
  • Innovative primary and secondary schemes;
  • High level of customer satisfaction.


Key Challenges:

  • Regulation and traceability
  • Product development and innovation
  • The manufacturing skills gap
  • Healthcare costs
  • Environmental concerns and considerations
  • Balancing maintenance with throughput
  • Moving the manufacturing footprint without losing control over the processes or quality of products
  • Managing the ever-strengthening currency value
  • Reducing cost by clustering and streamlining back office processes into shared service centers
  • Managing liquidity and improving transparency of this process.

how we can help you

Risk Management

  • Develop risk management strategies
  • Alignment of risks with organization mission & vision
  • Risk organization & governance
  • Risk culture & performance transformation

Fraud Risk Management

  • Planning and executing a fraud risk management program
  • Perform an anti-fraud control gap analysis
  • Developing approach of Diagnose, Detect and Respond Strategy

Business Advisory

  • Improving organizational objectives
  • Diagnostic review and reworking of current business strategy
  • Identifying key success factors for business
  • Developing strategy & implementation plan

Business Process Review

  • Enhancing revenue and cost reduction
  • Evaluate business implications of emerging trends
  • Encourage increased utilization of data and analytics

Internal Audit

  • Improving efficiency in operations
  • Increasing financial reliability and integrity
  • Ensuring compliance with laws and statutory regulations
  • Establishing monitoring procedures

SOX Review

  • Greater shareholder confidence through a superior financial reporting process
  • Strengthening the Control Environment
  • Control concepts becoming embedded into the organization

our solutions

Projections & Forecasting
BOM creation & maintenance
Business Process Review
Quality control
Business Process Review
Scrap Management
Sales Order booking
Resource Augmentations
Business Process Review
Business Process Review
Distributors Incentive
Tendering process
Internal Audits
Vendor Selection & evaluation
Business Process Review
Billing and Dispatch
Production Planning
Business Process Review
Inventory & Store Management
Business Process Review
Project Closure

media & entertainment

  • Budget Preparastiona and monitoring
  • Fund Allocation and Management
  • Management Reporting
Tax Advisory
  • Overseas Tax Rebates
  • Regular tax assesmnets (Direct & Indirect)
Risk Management
  • Pre-audits (Pre-Production, Production, Post Production,Promotion and Advertisement)
  • Post Audits
Digital Content Optimisation
  • Content Library Valation


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