The Indian chemical industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries in India. The majority of the chemicals manufactured in India are intermediary products, which are used in several other industries such as agro based chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, fertilizer industries, textile industries, paint and dye industries, plastic industries, etc for the production of a number of end use products. Various end-user products such as paper, leather, paints, textile, varnishes, and medicines use chemicals in the production process.

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ANB addresses various issues by providing the comprehensive capabilities required for effective compliance management. These capabilities are essential whether you need to address a single complex mandate or you’re developing a full-scale enterprise regulatory risk framework. ANB solutions enable you to consistently track mandates, unify policy management across the business, perform well-coordinated impact assessments; automate targeted awareness training programs, create well-defined action plans, and efficiently execute other core tasks associated with effective legal and regulatory compliance.


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