Assurance Services

ANB provides assurance to the stake holders such as investors, lenders, suppliers and governments, through its support services especially in financial accounting and audit matters. ANB provides key insights and technology reviews for large companies, implementing accounting and/or ERP solutions, its need and seamless implementation. Accounting standards and conversion to US GAAP, IFRS etc are performed with relative ease due to experience in various industries and understanding their nuances.

The service broadly covers the following:

  • Financial Statement Review
  • Conversion of financial statements to US GAAP, IFRS and other international standards
  • Accounting procedures and Manuals.|
  • Design and functional review for technology solutions.
  • Concurrent Audits

ANB offers highly flexible service suited to meet any specific requirements of any company based on agreed upon audit procedures.

Note: Audit does not include any attestation function or statutory audits conducted by practicing CPAs, CAs or such other bodies as may be established in any country specifically for attesting and auditing the financial accounts.

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