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The real estate sector is considered to be a big driver of economic growth having a huge multiplier effect on the economy. 

In India, it is the second-largest employment-generating sector after agriculture. It has been contributing about 5-6% to India’s GDP. Not only does it generate ahigh level of direct employment, but it also stimulates the demand in over 250 ancillaryindustries such as cement, steel, paint, bricks, building materials etc. 

The domestic real estate sector, supported largely by urbanization, witnessed significant changes and advancements with respect to its growth, scale, operating models, new regulations, technological advancement, funding sources and product offerings. 

The year 2010 saw the Indian real estate sector spring back into action after the gloom and recessionary pressures experienced in the aftermath of the global downturn. The focus on ‘affordable housing’ helped the sector tide over the financial crunch it had witnessed. The thrust is on new building materials and technologies so that the industry can deliver low cost, affordable, sustainableand environment friendly housing and building structures.

These developments have transformed the domestic real estate sector into a sophisticated business. Challenges have deepened at every level of the value chain requiring specialist support. The value chain itself has witnessed several changes with respect to number of stakeholders and processes.

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