Food Processing Industry

Economic development of a country is accompanied by transformation of agricultural sector from a subsistence primary product oriented system to commercialized agriculture producing high value and processed products. With economic growth rate at 8-9% per annum Indian economy is moving ahead on the path to development. Socio-economic environment is also undergoing a major change with higher incomes, increasing urbanization and increasing number of working women leading to high demand for processed foods. With high potential demand in domestic and export market this sector can contribute significantly to enhanced farm incomes and employment generation. On the supply side, as leading producer of many agricultural commodities, vast arable land and agro climatic diversity India has the potential to be the “food basket” of the world.

The Solution

ANB addresses various issues by providing the comprehensive capabilities required for effective compliance management. These capabilities are essential whether you need to address a single complex mandate or you’re developing a full-scale enterprise regulatory risk framework. ANB solutions enable you to consistently track mandates, unify policy management across the business, perform well-coordinated impact assessments; automate targeted awareness training programs, create well-defined action plans, and efficiently execute other core tasks associated with effective legal and regulatory compliance.


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