Application Security and IT General Controls

There are security risks that are associated with your internal and internet facing web applications and client server applications. All the elements of the application architecture such as web services, database, interfaces, operating system, the application component, communication layer are exposed to known threats and vulnerabilities.

we enable

Our experienced and qualified consultants will validated controls in the application such as authentication, database calls, validation, business rules and configurations to ensure the highest security is in place, specifically in areas of communications and operations management, authentication and authorization, sdlc, bcm,  privileged id management etc.

We also provide the following services:

  • Application and Product Penetration Testing
  • Application Security Design Review
  • Enhanced Applications Security Testing
  • Secure SDLC (SSDLC) Consulting

some industries we serve

  • Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Educational Institutions
  • Exchange houses
  • Insurance
  • Mutual Funds
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Shipping
  • Telecom

case study

For further information on how ANB conducted an assignment on Application Security & IT General Controls.

Read our detailed case study


Vasudha Sawant
Vasudha Sawant


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