IS Framework and Policy Design

An information security framework along with their adopted policies, procedures, and processes effectively explains to all parties (internal, tangential and external) how information, systems and services are to be managed within the organisation. The main objective of these is to reduce risk levels and the organizations exposure to vulnerabilities.  In the current age and time there is a growing need to have a robust cyber security framework if you are trying to instill confidence in an industry or establish a strong reputation with potential business partners and customers. The frameworks allow these agents to understand how you will protect their data or services from harm.

we enable

We not only help our clients design their go-to document in an emergency (for example, someone breaks into your systems), but also outline daily procedures designed to reduce their exposure to risk. While we can customise the policy and frameworks to cater to your specific requirements, at ANB some of the developments we have assisted are:
  • IS Policy
  • Cyber Security Framework
  • SOPs for IT Processes
  • Data Management Framework
  • Secure Configuration Documents

We benchmark all policies to best practices, international information security standards and regulatory requirements wherever applicable.

some industries we serve

  • Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Insurance
  • Mutual Funds
  • Regulatory Bodies

case study

For further information on how ANB conducted an assignment on IS framework and policy design read our detailed case study.

Read our detailed case study


Rashmi Maydeo
Rashmi Maydeo


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