Software Asset Management

An Information Technology department  essentially needs to 'manage' software and applications, their deployment, maintenance and ultimately, the disposal throughout the life-cycle to reduce IT costs, mitigate legal risks and in turn maximizing the IT infrastructures' productivity. What is also extremely important is that the organization needs to steer clear of legal and license related risks; not only to save on the monstrous costs that would arise in case of legal issues, but also to avoid putting the reputation of the business in serious jeopardy.

we enable

Our SAM audit team provides services that enable you to maintain continuous software license compliance and always be prepared for any vendor software audit. This audit will help identify software assets and understand what has been purchased versus what has been installed. It also provides you with vendor software license position certainty and can reconcile usage and software license entitlement data to manage the legal risks associated with the ownership and expiration/renewal of software.

some industries we serve

  • Educational Institutions
  • Mutual Funds

case study

For further information on how ANB conducted an assignment on Software Asset management.

Read our detailed case study


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